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Week Eight
ooo; time judged all; ankh
emothy wrote in shutupanddoeet
So participation has been a little lax recently. Is there a reason for this? Are we doing something wrong? Are there prompts/ways of handling this community that would work better for you? Please let us know; the idea is to have as much participation as POSSIBLE! :)


Anyway, this week's challenge (which will last over a week to make up for it's late posting): You must write a fic that begins or ends with one of the following one-line notes under the cut. It really must END or BEGIN with the note: it has to be the FIRST or LAST line in the fic (which one it is, is entirely up to you). Who the note is from, and who it is to, is also up to you. Just replace (character name) with anyone you please, from any fandom! The length of your fic is not an issue; it can be 100 words to 10,000+

1. "I found the letter. I wish you had told me." – (character name)
2. "It’s not so funny anymore, is it?" – (character name)
3. "We have to talk." – (character name)
4. "Sometimes the best things in life are the most unexpected." – (character name)
5. "It's a boy." - (character name)
6. "Moving on is simple, it's what we leave behind that's hard." – (character name)
7. "Staying at (character name)’s. When you figure out what it is you want, be sure to let me know." – (character name)
8. "This has to stop. My wife(/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend) found out." - (character name)
9. "I love you more than I ever thought I would love anyone. But, I'm not sure if I like you." - (character name)
10. "I reckon (s)he/(name) could've been lying." - (character name)
11. "Someday my prince will come." - (character name)
12. "The script is torn up." - (character name)
13. "They'll all ask me what's wrong and I'll answer 'nothing'" - (character name)
14. "I wanted to kill them both" - (character name)
15. "Thank you for making me think." - (character name)
16. "It's my word over theirs. Who are you gonna believe?" - (character name)
17. "Since when did Yes become No and No become Yes?" - (character name)
18. "10.30; don't forget" - (character name)
19. "Bye the way, I borrowed your eyeliner." - (character name)
20. "Carpe diem." - (character name)
21. "I really don't feel like talking to you." - (character name)
22. "Wanna know your dirty nickname?" - (character name)
23. "(S)He's not my type." - (character name)
24. "No need to be nasty about it." - (character name)
25. "Shrugging or changing the subject is not an answer." - (character name)
26. "We're still on for later, right?" - (character name)
27. "Call me." - (character name)
28. "You forgot your journal." - (character name)
29. "C'est la vie!" - (character name)
30. "Just wait and see..." - (character name)

The challenge this week is to include in your fic a word from the Word of the Day Archive at dictionary.com. Either link to the month for the word you choose, or make a note in your header of when and where it came from so that we all know! The word you use is up to you, but it must be the exact word; no alterations or synonyms. Whoever uses the most words (in one fic, or in lots of different fics) will get a pretty banner!

So go at it ;)

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So it's clumsy and not exactly what I intended, but it got the characters out of my head and helped the story diffuse out too, which is like writing therapy. Henry and Clare are from the book The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Spoilers for the ending of the book.


There are things Henry had to say, and writing them down was the way to do it. A collection of landscapes, views into his thoughts through the window pane. He told Clare where to find the first letter, and consequently the rest which happened to be in the same spot. To be read in no particular order, all at once or weeks or months apart like a cleansing shower, the same but different every time.

There is one, however, that he does not mention. Not in conversation before he is gone, and not in any of the other letters. Perhaps he has forgotten he has written it, but perhaps not. Clare likes to believe he visited the day she found it for herself; out of sight, like a spectre, and saw the impact it had when it hadn't existed to her until that point. Also; the sense of irony in it would have amused him.

It is like he is speaking to himself at first, a recollection of events. It reads a little coldly, all fact and no feeling. But when Clare thinks back to the first day they met for her, she realises it would be too much, and not enough at all, to put into plain words. Of any language.

Their memories differ, here. And not in the traditional sense. Henry remembers a girl eight years younger than himself, just out of her teenage years, browsing a library that felt like home, while Clare remembers a beach towel around an older man's waist, and how it important it was to practice her letters.

She knows him well when they meet again, and refuses to let it upset her when he cannot place her by looks or name. She knows that everything that is to happen has already happened, and it gives her a sense of stability she never had when she was young and Henry had all the answers but refused to answer any of the questions. Henry, by this point in his life, has experienced enough strange events that he can shrug and smile amiably and accept an invite to dinner with someone who knows him intimately, though he's never met her.

He never seemed to mind that she had the upper hand, and she knows why, now. Coming to and from times where events were predetermined, where all he could do was possibly warn and reassure past selves that things would change.

The last line of his note makes Clare burst into tears.

Sometimes the best things in life are the most unexpected. – Henry


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