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Round-Up Challenge 1 to 9
ooo; time judged all; ankh
emothy wrote in shutupanddoeet
Round-Up For Challenges One to Nine.

This is a round-up of all the prompt-lists and winners so far; we'd like to try a different format for the community for a while, and see how it fares. I'll give you an explanation soon, along with the new challenge(s!) and you can tell me what you think. If more people prefer the old format we can go back to that :) But for now!

Week One: Poetry (Various Poets).
Week Two: Twenty-Two Senses.
Week Three: 100 First Lines.
Week Four: "I..."
Week Five: Settings (Chosen By Members)
Week Six: 30vicios Prompts
Week Seven: One Sentence
Week Eight: One-Line Notes
Week Nine: Word Sets

Week One:
vacivity for Most individual drabbles/ficlets written!

Week Two:
emothy for Single longest ficlet written!

Week Three:
evocates for Biggest variety of fandoms!

Week Four:
sour_kitty for Most fics written in Drabble Format!
Week Five:
emothy for Biggest number of prompts used!

Week Six:
vacivity for Timelines!

Week Seven: N/A
Week Eight:
delaminate for Word Of The Day!

Week Nine:
emothy for Most Word-Sets used in one fic!


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