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New Format for Prompts!
ooo; time judged all; ankh
emothy wrote in shutupanddoeet
Now for a basic explanation of the new format we'd like to try...


Basic Explanation:

An initial post containing three challenges/prompts will be posted; they can and will be anything from the below formats. They will be chosen randomly, so you may see the same type of prompt twice in a row, while others you may not see at all for a while. When you respond, just put in the comment which challenge type you are using (if there is more than one mention that; you're free to combine all the ideas if you like!)

- An extra layer if you so wish it (some people will be using this format): Create a list of fandoms you can write in/wish to try and write in, and number them in a random order. Let the rest of us know the numbers we can choose up to, and someone will respond to you with three random numbers. You must write from the prompts using these fandoms only. (Not Manditory by ANY means, but some people find it easier to write when they have a smaller choice of fandoms to use).


Challenge Types:

- A quote to inspire fic - phrases & sayings, inspirational & famous, etc.
- Lyrics as inspiration - NOT songfic.
- A selection of words to include in the fic. Minimum of three.
- One-word themes.
- Photos/pictures/drawings.
- Starting line/ending line for fic.
- (A) line(s) of dialogue to include.
- A series of related themes; colours, deadly sins, the senses, etc.
- Very specific challenges (can include time limit, word limit, genre, pairing, setting, or other technical details - limit of three specifics).
- "Shopping list" - elements, objects, settings, situations etc to all be included in the fic. Usually in increasing amounts (i.e - 1 of this, 2 of that, 3 of those...)
- Title challenge; a title is given and a fic must be written to fit.
- Special challenge; to improve writing technique. Examples are "description pieces", "dialogue only" and "character study".
- Meme Challenge; individual challenge prompts based on inputting usernames and getting random results. http://memegen.org.


The new prompts will be up next! :)

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This is probably the wrong place to post this but ... Just wanted to say I recently joined this community ´cause I really feel like I should write more, not only to have some fun but also to improve my crappy english. Ive never written fic in my life, wouldnt even know what to use, lol, but I wanna try and complete this chalange thing. I read some of the stuff posted here and woah you people are good!! Lets see what I can accomplish :-)

There's no wrong place to post a comment like this ;) I really hope the challenges help you out! And don't even worry about what you write or how it comes out, the fact that you're writing and trying will make all the difference :)

*cheers you on*

Can we write poetry using the prompts? I've got nothing wrong with writing stories, I just want to know if we can write poetry as well.

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