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Challenge Ten
ooo; time judged all; ankh
emothy wrote in shutupanddoeet
Here goes the new challenges! :)


Starting line/ending line for fic.
Starting Line: "Well, I didn't see that one coming."
Ending Line: 'So,' a voice asked in his head, 'was it worth it?'
Either: And they all lived happily ever after.


"Shopping list" - elements, objects, settings, situations etc to all be included in the fic.
Objects that must be referenced in the fic (i.e. - do not have to be mentioned word-for-word as written here).
3 photographs
2 broken items
1 undelivered invitation
1 stuffed toy animal
2 drinking glasses


Special challenge; to improve writing technique. Examples are "description pieces", "dialogue only" and "character study".
This challenge is based on characterisation. You must write a scene from one character's perspective OR point-of-view, and then rewrite the scene from another character's perspective or point of view. You may do this as many times as you like, but the catch is; you must really make it obvious who these characters are by their thoughts and responses. There is no ban on using names or anything of the sort, but the key is to make everyone seem so individual that we aren't just rereading the same scene over and over again. Perhaps an argument with many sides, or something similar that will flow in the retelling.


ANY fandom, and you may use each challenge type AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE in the same or different fandoms; however you are inspired! :)

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From the looks of things, no ones done this, but I'll post something anyway. I just wrote a poem. It's for the shopping list challenge.

Three photographs sit on a sideboard.
Two of them with broken frames.
One just has a chip in the glass.
The other one has little glass that remains.

A teddy bear sits on a sideboard.
Mangled and chewed through the years.
What else should there be but an undelivered invitation.
Smudged in the corner by a tear.

Two drinking glasses sit on a sideboard.
Red wine still sitting in them.
A ruby ring fell in one of the glasses.
The wine is the same colour as the gem.

All these strange objects fit on a sideboard.
As unrelated they may seem.
Three photographs, two broken items, a stuffed toy,
An undelivered invitation, two drinking glasses- a theme?

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