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Challenge Eleven
ooo; time judged all; ankh
emothy wrote in shutupanddoeet
After a long while, we are going to get back on track and try our hands at some writing again, yes? XD

Take a peek at the image prompts, based around Primary and Secondary colours:

Purple Poison
Cry in Purple
Purple Sigh

On the Blue

Green no2
Green, Green, Green

Yellow Sonata
Speeding Yellow
Yellow Bricked Road

Orange Simplicity

Red Vase
The Red Umbrella
Red Shift

- You get about one week to write (up until new prompts are posted, either next Friday or Saturday). Post your works as comments to this entry, or if the length is too much, please link us in the comments!
- Prompts are only to be used as inspiration, you do NOT need to include everything or anything from the image! 'The Red Umbrella' could have you setting a story in the rain, or writing about an item going missing because it reminds you of last year when you forgot your umbrella on a bus. As long as the image inspires something, it counts!
- Fiction, fanfiction, poetry, anything else you can think of; it is all accepted! We're just trying to encourage some creativity here ;)

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And that what I wanted to see - Shin wondering about her sexual history and exploits - I had yet to see.

I was talking to aliaspiral about something similiar during my last Gokusen rewatch. Considering her family's lifestyle--and the fact that manga!Yankumi, at least, rescues hostesses from overly hands-on clients--she has to have a pretty good idea of the mechanics of sex.

I want to see a story where a good chunk of Yankumi's education regarding sex comes from the local working girls--girls she was *totally* friendly with, even though her men were a bit horrified at having ojou hang around with the wrong sort of girls.

I will try again!

Yay! Looking forward to the end results.

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