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Challenge Thirteen
ooo; time judged all; ankh
emothy wrote in shutupanddoeet
You have to admit, coming up with the Five Things idea really blew last weeks prompts off the list of things to do ;) Of course, I'm still on Thing One of five, but never mind!

But it's why I chose to fall back on prompts we both recognise, and they might be a comfort zone:

Two months worth of 31_days prompts from 2006. We may have used a few of these before, but never mind ;D

1. and the hearts of all mankind can be embittered
2. yours till hell freezes
3. engineering consent
4. objects reflected from the impassioned imagination
5. between two worlds I do belong
6. remember this day
7. leapfrog technology
8. the wild purple of the glowering sun
9. represented by the phallic mother
10. the flying redhead
11. Prague Spring
12. the inflexible, the irreconcilable, the stubborn
13. I am following the enemy
14. Orinda and Lucasia
15. you and the piece are at the same point of unfolding
16. a psychopathic god
17. the dead of Stalingrad adjure us
18. such is the bondage of folly
19. relational aesthetics
20. lettres de cachet
21. Greece with its immortal glories
22. between Cinderella or Kafka's Cockroach
23. shed blood becomes a sea
24. bioremediation
25. as the looms on which men wove
26. Game and set to you, Quicksilver
27. the seductive degradation of knowledge
28. a world order governed by rules
29. immigrants and revolutionists
30. beyond the sky
31. wind chimes moved by solar winds
32. in search of me
33. touch of moonlight madness
34. the book of questions [from the poetry of Pablo Neruda]
35. a single soul dwelling in two bodies [part of famous quotes from Aristotle]
36. the world is mine
37. numbers game
38. love me, love my dog
39. in the sea
40. love until it hurts
41. shoot to kill
42. kissing number
43. a sound not fit for human ears
44. stone shadows
45. shaved ice, slow fan, summer heat
46. like a heart that stumbles into knowledge4
47. a waking dream [part of famous quotes from Aristotle]
48. snow on the mountains, flowers in the fields
49. frozen watermelons
50. snow and ink
51. ring of wild roses
52. silhouette of your wings
53. Love, unconquered in the fight [from Antigone by Sophocles]
54. in fire and in blood [from the poetry of Pablo Neruda]
55. messages in the sand
56. night of exile
57. secret story
58. until our souls disappear
59. a day to live and die
60. moon animals

- You get about one week to write (up until new prompts are posted, either next Friday or Saturday). Post your works as comments to this entry, or if the length is too much, please link us in the comments!
- Prompts are only to be used as inspiration!
- Fiction, fanfiction, poetry, anything else you can think of; it is all accepted! We're just trying to encourage some creativity here ;)


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