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Week Seven!
[misc] weeping willow
This week's challenge is the one-sentence challenge. I've provided 200 words - emotions and various words - and you only need to write one sentence for them. Edit: Explanation: You pick a word out of either of the two tables, and write one sentence based on the idea of it, or inspired by it. You don't have to include the word :) (I try not to as a challenge!) Your sentence ENDs at a full stop, so to elaborate you have to make good use of commas, colons, semi-colons and connecting words like 'and' or 'because' :)

That's this weeks prompts in itself. But the added challenge is to link up all your sentences into a ficlet if you dare to try. It helps give structure to what you write, but isn't necessary!

The challenge, thoughh, is to connect the sentences into one long ficlet. Use as many words as possible, from either of the tables. :D

Good luck!

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Week Six Winner!
ooo; time judged all; ankh

Here's a nice quick way for me to round-up this week...

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That's five fics from myself, and five from vacivity, but since she finished first... ;)

Well done Cyn, you're catching up to me; won twice now too! And next week's prompts will be up soon I'm sure :)

Week Six
ooo; time judged all; ankh
So; new prompts! :)

Last week I came across a community's prompt table that seemed interesting to me; so we're using it this week in our comm! Taken from a member of the comm 30vicios, who translated the words into English also.

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Now there's more to it than just letting you write from the prompts this week, so follow me...

I've made a list of all the prompts and rearranged them into another order. Altogether without the *'s (which are WRITER'S CHOICE) there are 24. So I want each of you to pick FOUR numbers between 1 and 24 so I can assign you your words. You don't have to work around what other people have picked, but if there are numbers that haven't been picked so far you must choose two of them; no making up your ideal list of prompts from everyone else's choices! :P

If you complete the four you're assigned (plus one WRITER'S CHOICE; you get one of those automatically!), comment with four more numbers! And then more ;)


The challenge for this week, I like to call it Timelines. What this means basically is that if you can make just two (ideally more!) or your fics fit into the same continuity, that you'd win. Obviously whoever manages the most fics in the same continuity wins ;) And to help me working that out just make a note in your notes if it fits in with another fic you've already written.

Okay now GO PICK SOME NUMBERS! (And Cyn will pick some for me before she knows wha any of them are so I'm not biased either!)

Week Five Roundup!
[tlu] butterfly
So we had another slow week, with only two entries. All from the same person, too!

emothy: 2 Lostprophets fics, using 'Toystore' and 'In Japan'.

So yay for Em! :D

A nice new banner for you to display in your journal.

Em will be posting up week six's challenges soon :D. Hopefully we have more of a response!

Week Five!
[art] waterhouse belle
Only two people commented to my previous post requesting ideas for settings. That's fine, though; between those two people and myself, we have 60 prompts

The idea for this week is to use the following settings in your fics. Intrepret them as you wish, unless there are specifics mentioned after the prompt. If you did contribute any settings, you can not use your own ideas. There are plenty of others to choose from, however.

This weeks winner will be decided by the number of prompts used. They have to be used in different fics to count, however (i.e.: writing a fic with 'car' and 'parking lot' will only count for one setting; writing a fic with 'medieval', 'Greece', and 'pirate ship' will only count for one.) Good luck, and I hope to see a lot of responses from people!


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Week Four Winner!
ooo; time judged all; ankh
So, this weeks prompts are finished. You CAN still write for the prompts (you're definitely encouraged to!), but they won't be eligible for the competition. And the final scores for number of drabbles written are as follows:

sour_kitty; 8 fics all exactly 100 words!
truntles; 7 fics of varying lengths from 105 words.
emothy; 2 fics (6 paragraphs total) of varying lengths between 93 and 104 words.

All RPS this week! Yay for a revival. I knew the less words people had to write, the more likely it was they'd participate ;)

Anyway, this week's winner iiiiis!

sour_kitty! Yay Kimmi :)

You're the queen of drabbles!

And I hope you've all been suggesting SETTINGS because the list will be up soon now!

(no subject)
[misc] weeping willow
For Week Five, the challenges are going to be decided by you, the participants. The challenge for Week 4 is still going on, and these challenges won't be up until Saturday.

What I want from all of you is SETTINGS. It could be anything from "a bathroom" to "outer space" and everything in-between. Be creative!

EDIT, SEPTEMBER 9th, 2006 @ 3:00 PM PST


Week Four!
ooo; time judged all; ankh
Okay, we missed a week, so I'm just going to post up a new list tonight and we'll forget it ever happened! We have 23 prompts this week, and it's quite simple. Start your fic off with one of the following...

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You can change the "I" to he/she/they/(character name), and the rest to fit with it, for example; "I don't know" would become "he doesn't know". It can be spoken, or not, there's no limitations on that. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to comment and ask!

It's that simple! And this weeks challenge is Drabble Format. Your fics can be as long as you'd like, but the idea is to try and make each paragraph as close to 100 words as possible. Or if you're adventurous and would like to try 100 words, then 200 words, then 300 words and etc for each following paragraph. Whoever can come closest will win!

Good luck, and start writing!

ETA: Including your wordcount(s!) would be great. If you need a site to use rather than a program, this one is very useful!

Week Three Winner!
ooo; time judged all; ankh
So I let the 100 First Lines challenge run a little late because I did intend to have a go, but it's been one of those weeks where nothing gets done. Never mind!

If anyone (like me) wants to enter late entries, they can, but they will no longer be eligible for the competition.

This weeks winner, with 1 fic in the fandom Final Fantasy VII, is...

evocates! Congrats! :D

( It's Cyn's turn to post up prompts this week obviously, so if you have a suggestion for them I'm sure she'd love to hear them ;) )

Week Three!
ooo; time judged all; ankh
So, the prompts list for week three has a whopping 100 prompts! But you'll soon see why; some of them are going to be near-impossible to use.

The idea of this challenge is to use one of these 100 Best First Lines From Novels as the opening line for each of your ficlets. You DON'T have to use the entire sentence up to the first full stop, but using only ambiguous words like "it is" or "all this" from the beginning isn't allowed either. Names can be changed to fit your fandom, to make it a little easier. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to comment and ask!

The link does lead to the list, but it is also under the following cut...

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And the challenge for this week is to use the biggest variety of fandoms possible! You could write fifty ficlets but if they're all in the same fandom then that person who wrote only three each in different fandoms will win!


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