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Challenge Eleven
ooo; time judged all; ankh
emothy wrote in shutupanddoeet
After a long while, we are going to get back on track and try our hands at some writing again, yes? XD

Take a peek at the image prompts, based around Primary and Secondary colours:

Purple Poison
Cry in Purple
Purple Sigh

On the Blue

Green no2
Green, Green, Green

Yellow Sonata
Speeding Yellow
Yellow Bricked Road

Orange Simplicity

Red Vase
The Red Umbrella
Red Shift

- You get about one week to write (up until new prompts are posted, either next Friday or Saturday). Post your works as comments to this entry, or if the length is too much, please link us in the comments!
- Prompts are only to be used as inspiration, you do NOT need to include everything or anything from the image! 'The Red Umbrella' could have you setting a story in the rain, or writing about an item going missing because it reminds you of last year when you forgot your umbrella on a bus. As long as the image inspires something, it counts!
- Fiction, fanfiction, poetry, anything else you can think of; it is all accepted! We're just trying to encourage some creativity here ;)

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Here goes: Drugged, Nightrunner, Alec, Seregil, Thero, PG-13 (ish), 762 words (purple poison)

Alec laughs and the noise sounds distant to his ears and for a brief second he thinks to be afraid. But then Seregil is there, glaring at someone – him? Alec wonders, but no, Thero is right behind him and that's probably who Seregil was pissed at. They had started to get along a little better, but there's still a little animosity between them and really, Seregil shouldn't be glaring at poor Thero like that, ready to murder him, because Thero's not really that bad-

"What did you give him?" Seregil demands, his voice drowning out Alec's and it's only then that Alec realizes he's been talking aloud the entire time. There's a faint look of horror on Thero's face but nothing is going on and there's no need to be concerned, really. Really. Everything's going to be fine.

Alec reaches out to pat Thero's arm in an attempt to comfort him, only he stumbles a little when he reaches out and Seregil grabs him, steadies him and Alec's hand stills a few inches above Thero's arm, the simple touch of Seregil's hands through his clothes sending a jolt of electricity down his spine. "Oh," he breathes, amaze, and drops his hand to Thero's arm. The jolt is stronger; the feeling of bare flesh beneath his fingers a delight to his senses. Even if it's Thero.

Thero looks at him, the horror on his face growing, and Seregil growls a little. That too sends a shiver down Alec's spine and he turns his head to look at Seregil. Who isn't looking at him, but Thero, with something close to murder in his eyes and Alec, sensing something odd, drops his hand from Thero's arm. The lack of touch makes him feel lonely though, and he reaches out again, desperate for contact.

Seregil grabs his hand, twining their fingers together, and Alec gasps at the feeling. He shifts closer to Seregil, wanting that touch all over his body. Every second that goes by without feeling Seregil against him is a minute, threatening to stretch into hours, and Alec is desperate. He reaches out with his free hand to undo the laces at Seregil's neck, but Seregil stays his hand with a simple touch. Only it's not so simple, because it traps his hand between Seregil's clothes and bare hand and Alec wants to feel his skin, damnit, not his clothes and the hand just isn't enough. He tugs, hoping to catch Seregil's attention, but Seregil is staring daggers at Thero.

"It was meant to be a harmless potion," Thero insisted, glancing from the table where a mostly empty bottle rested to Seregil to Alec and back again. "I just wanted to test something out. Something must have gone wrong in mixing it – I swear I wouldn't –"

"You better be able to fix it," Seregil said. He would have grabbed Thero if Alec hadn't been clinging to him. As it was, he had his hands full with Alec.

Alec shifted closer yet again, not caring about the argument going on over his head, and pressed his body against Seregil's, moaning audibly as he felt his lover's body. The only issue was the clothing. He wished it wasn't there. Tugging at his hands again proved useless – Seregil wasn't about to let him go. But there were other ways to get Seregil undressed, Alec knew, and moved his head, pressing a kiss to the column of Seregil's throat and running his lips down until the laces blocked his way. Then it was just a simple matter of using his teeth to tug and loosen the laces until –

Seregil moved back, although he didn't let go of Alec's hands. "Alec!" he exclaimed. "What are you doing?"

Alec blinked up at him, wide-eyed and innocent. He was just trying to undress Seregil, was there anything wrong with that? "You're wearing too many clothes," he said, frowning a little. "We both are."

Behind him, Thero gasped and mumbled something and Alec heard something hit the floor. He twisted to look at Thero, standing there blushing. When he realized Alec was staring at him and that Seregil was probably minutes away from murdering him, he stumbled backwards.

"I'll figure out what went wrong and start on an antidote right now," he said, tripping on the hem of his robes in his haste to back away.

"Thero's wearing too many clothes, too." Alec sighed. "Everyone is wearing too much."

"You better fix this," Seregil said and even though Thero was nearly out of the room, he could still feel the glare.

Inspired by this image. Very patchy, could do with filling out in places, but it's longer than I anticipated anyway and I didn't want to do anymore in case it never ENDED!


When Shin invites Yankumi to his apartment, mostly it's because there are times when he just doesn't want to be surrounded by all those other faces that linger in her home. He doesn't need Yankumi's grandfather nodding sagely and handing down the wisdom of his years, and he certainly doesn't need the sniggers and trip-ups of Tetsu and Minoru. (Shin figures they must at least be good at their jobs because of the life they live, and the fact that between them they haven't lost a finger yet - a tradition he learnt about directly from Yankumi. The two of them just don't seem to understand how to handle general communication.)

There's really nothing more to it than that; Yankumi has a way of making Shin open up his mouth and admit to things he wouldn't usually, express emotions he mostly pretends he doesn't have. The last thing he needs when that happens is other witnesses.


"So where are you going to take me? A restaurant?" the Momoyuri girl asks, and her smile is a cross between sweet, and predatory. Uchi's grin shows too much teeth, and his friends know he is in danger.

"Uh, I can't afford something like that," he admits, shoving his hands into his pockets hard as if to prove how deep he would have to dig to find any money. "And I couldn't bring you to eat a meal at my place, my mum would probably be home."

The girl stays polite, but it's rather obvious she wants to laugh in Uchi's face. He makes his way back to the group, rejection written all over his slumped shoulders and hanging head.

"I'm so jealous of you, man!" Minami says, taking the attention off of Uchi by turning to Shin. He is smiling when he punches Shin lightly on the arm. "You can invite girls back to your place any time you like - no parents!"

"Typical that the only one of us with the freedom is the one that doesn't care about it," Noda says. Shin is about to shrug his non-commital agreement, until he really stops to think about it. And then he can't stop thinking about it, and can't agree with Noda's assessment anymore.


Inviting Yankumi back to his place now is an epic event; he has discovered that his palms start to sweat, and so now he always asks with his hands in his pockets, which makes him look decidely shifty. He also can't quite meet Yankumi's eye when he says it - "my apartment", or "you coming round?" - because the emphasis on his own space feels so intimate in his own mind. When he looks at his friends he is sure he isn't supposed to care this much, but then he reminds himself that none of his friends have made much progress at all with any girls, ever, and he feels a bit better.

Yankumi herself hasn't changed, and she definitely doesn't notice anything odd about Shin. He could come into class cartwheeling and she'd probably just ask if he'd seen people doing it in a circus on TV. He's simultaneously thankful, and angry at that part of her. She should notice, mostly because then it would be out of his hands and with the knowledge Yankumi would have to make some sort of decision either way.


"Don't you think," Shin says, picking at the carpet while Yankumi finishes off her instant ramen, "it's kind of weird how you're always here?"

He's irritated because here they are again, sitting like ladies at a tea-party, all formalities. It's all his fault, and being angry at himself is the quickest way for sure for him to say something he could come to regret. Yankumi could point out that although she invites herself over often, these days it's always Shin issuing an invitation. She could get pissed at him for being so rude, because being a teenage boy can't excuse away that behaviour all the time.

"I don't," she replies with her mouth full.

"But you're my teacher," Shin says, "I'm your student!"

"I don't honestly think of it that way, when I'm here," Kumiko says. She looks at Shin and her eyes narrow as though she is perceiving a feeling in the air. She places her empty cup down carefully. "We're friends too, right?"

Shin for once, is lost for words, wanting to say "yes" and "no" at the same time, or neither, because they're both true and both lies all at once. He doesn't know what he and Yankumi really are, or exactly what he wants to be - boyfriend and girlfriend sounds so stupid under the circumstances. Not knowing how to explain this, and knowing Yankumi well enough to know that she would probably misunderstand his words anyway, a courage takes over him and he leans over the table between them to kiss Yankumi full on the mouth.


There is time enough for Yankumi to pull away before their lips even meet; her reactions are quick and clever - if the fights she gets into are evidence enough, and Shin knows she could just have easily moved back and stopped him in the time it took to happen. That she didn't builds his confidence.

"So, right now?" he asks with a bravado he doesn't actually feel.

"We're still friends," Kumiko says firmly, "but if I stop to think about this-"


Shin's face is calm. The single word not quite pleading, but not at all demanding. And Kumiko realises that Shin has never actually asked anything of her, until now, this. He told her he didn't trust adults, but never asked her to prove herself to him, she did that of her own free will. He got into trouble for his friends as well as because of his own actions, and never asked for her help. She simply wanted to give it to him.

And now that he is here, asking with eyes full of nothing but naked hope and fear, she wants nothing more than to grant his request.


Shin is working on instinct, not trusting his mind not to freeze up if he really stops to think about this; he's seen Yankumi in some strange and awkward situations, but never with flushed cheeks and her shirt halfway pushed up her body, her hands on his skin and her smile soft, but her eyes lusty. There is no need to think about it, any of it. She is his teacher, she is older than him but several years, she is (very arguably) more mature, and experienced.

-Is she? Suddenly Shin has to wonder. Is Yankumi a virgin; is this her first time too? What would be better for him - that one of them knows what they're doing, or that he gets to be her first? Does it actually matter if he is her first, as long as it is better than anyone else she has ever been with? Can he actually kid himself he is capable of that?


I love your Shin so very much--he always feels very *real.* This story was no exception.

You have a talent for making me feel better about my writing, every time! I think in adding things to the directory, I reminded MYSELF that I never really write Shin and Kumiko together. And that what I wanted to see - Shin wondering about her sexual history and exploits - I had yet to see. Of course, I haven't written it to my own satisfaction here either, but I've tried, I see what doesn't fit right, and I will try again! XD

And that what I wanted to see - Shin wondering about her sexual history and exploits - I had yet to see.

I was talking to aliaspiral about something similiar during my last Gokusen rewatch. Considering her family's lifestyle--and the fact that manga!Yankumi, at least, rescues hostesses from overly hands-on clients--she has to have a pretty good idea of the mechanics of sex.

I want to see a story where a good chunk of Yankumi's education regarding sex comes from the local working girls--girls she was *totally* friendly with, even though her men were a bit horrified at having ojou hang around with the wrong sort of girls.

I will try again!

Yay! Looking forward to the end results.

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